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Got a problem with water damage? Give Restoration Logistics a call today.  With superior training and technology Restoration Logistics is the foremost water removal company in the western United States!

Water Out…Dry Faster, Cleaner at Lower Cost

“Restoration Logistics is the ONLY trained and certified Water Out provider for all of Colorado.”

Restoration Logistics uses Water Out, the fastest, most cost effective water damage restoration drying process available. Water Out equipment and trained, certified operators are in many US cities and the process is growing in use and popularity both in the United States and abroad. Restoration Logistics is the ONLY trained and certified Water Out provider for all of Colorado.

water damage restoration Colorado

Water Out – the fastest drying process in the world.

Invented in 1997 by Charles Cressy, the process was granted a patent in 2003. This revolutionary drying process is a significant improvement over water extraction conventional processes in many ways.

The most important improvement, however, is time, time is money we all know that. Most building materials won’t be ruined by the effects of water if they are quickly dried out. Valuable time, building contents, and costly water damage reconstruction, therefore, is saved using Water Out. Equally important is preventing mold growth which is greatly reduced when drying is done in a timely manner. The greatest benefit to a property owner and insurer is to dry out a flooded building as quickly as possible.

The Water Out drying system is quiet as well! Inaudible from more than twenty feet away, neighbors will never be disturbed during the drying process. Call 1-800-475-FIRE now if you have standing water in your home or business. We’ll be there to get the Water Out!

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