Fire can be a manager’s worst nightmare and we’ve helped repair and restore large and small properties after fires. A In fact, for over a decade DRI has been Colorado’s #1 property fire restoration company. A By following 3 simple tips you can help keep small fires from becoming major disasters:

  1. 65% of residential fires start in the kitchen. Keeping a dry chemical (ABC-type) fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen area can help contain many kitchen fires before they burn out of control. A They range in size from 2.5 to 20 pounds and should be serviced after each use.
  2. Encourage tenant fire safety by educating your tenants. Hold regular, mandatory fire prevention meetings. Information is the first step to prevention.
  3. Conduct regular property fire audits. A Property managers who regularly check for fire hazards reduce the chances of residential fire and can also help prevent excessive damage in case of a small fire.

By following these simple tips you can greatly reduce the risk of major fire loss at your property. A If you do have fire damage at your property make sure you call Colorado’s fire damage expert – Disaster Restoration Inc. A 1-800-475-FIRE