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Colorado’s most dependable flood mitigation and storm damage restoration services

Flash floods and other natural disasters are among the most devastating type of water damage because they can affect entire cities or regions at once, making it difficult to get help before the damage sets in and worsens. Luckily for Colorado residents, Restoration Logistics has the biggest water damage restoration crew in the area, and we’re equipped for all types of water emergencies, including flash floods. We have our own stockpile of water extraction equipment that can run on electrical power, or gas generators if the city loses power. That way, the Restoration Logistics team is never at the mercy of Mother Nature. We have emergency crews on call and ready to serve 24/7 plus weekends and holidays. Water doesn’t sleep or go on vacation, so neither does Restoration Logistics.

Water damage has finally met its match…

No matter the size or severity of the storm, Restoration Logistics is ready. We have emergency crews standing by 24/7 in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Centennial, and nearby Colorado towns. If your home is damaged by water resulting from a flash flood, torrential storm, high winds that damage your roof and let water in, or any other water emergency, call Restoration Logistics. We work directly with all insurers and we’re IICRC trained and certified for water damage restoration, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and more.

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Restoration Logistics has over 32 years of experience restoring properties that have been damaged by catastrophic floods, storms, torrential winds, flying debris, and all manner of natural disasters. We have emergency response crews standing by, monitoring weather forecasts to be prepared in case we experience a sudden freeze or flash flood. The first hours after a flood are the most important, because the faster we stop the water and remove the moisture, the less damage your property will sustain. If your property is damaged by severe weather event in Colorado, call the experts that Denver trusts most: Restoration Logistics.
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What is deep water extraction?

Deep water extraction is the process by which a professional water damage restoration company extracts standing water from carpet, carpet pad and other absorbent surfaces. The term “deep” is applied because this type of carpet water damage requires going deep down into carpeting to remove excess wetness that could cause secondary problems if not treated promptly.

During deep water extraction on a wool or berber carpet, an extractor head with a “blade” penetrates deeply into carpet padding and cuts away any remaining problematic moisture. Then a powerful vacuum sucks up any residual moisture. Using this method, we’re able to get deep down into carpeting and remove the excess moisture quickly to restore your home or office in a very short time frame.

What is the benefit of deep water extraction?

The major benefits are in minimizing secondary problems that can not only cost more money to repair but also cause health concerns. In areas of the country that have been especially hard hit by any number of natural disasters, water damage repair professionals must respond quickly to do a deep water extraction in order to minimize health concerns from standing water.

a crack in the foundation of a building caused by water damage left unattended too long

Q: What are secondary problems?

Secondary problems can be just as costly and maybe even more so than the initial problem itself. When a flood is allowed to remain standing for any length of time, the water can seep deep into the carpet and padding. The longer that this standing water remains in your property, the greater the chance of secondary problems. This is why we recommend that our customers call immediately upon the detection of excess moisture. When it comes to water damage, every second counts.

Some common secondary problems include:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • A musty odor
  • Formation of mildew
  • Crumbling drywall
  • Cracked or damaged foundations
  • Damage to furnishings or household appliances
  • Formation of ice dams on roofs
  • Costly structural repairs

Flood mitigation for Colorado home and business owners

When dealing with a flood, leak, overflow, or other water problem on your property, getting the moisture out quickly is essential to prevent secondary or more serious damage. The longer the water is allowed to remain on or in a surface, the more likely it is to do permanent damage to the structure. Restoration Logistics has the fastest response times in Denver and we can usually arrive within the first hour after a call in nearby cities like Boulder, Centennial, Fort Collins, and greater central Colorado.

Don’t gamble with the value of your home by waiting out the storm. Get help FAST from the professionals that Denver has trusted for over 30 years. Call Restoration Logistics TODAY and get fast response for your water damage restoration needs.

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Get a little help getting through life’s worst moments

Restoration Logistics has spent the last 30 years perfecting the art and science of water damage restoration. As the years pass, the industry continues to grow and evolve. So has Restoration Logistics.

Restoration Logistics isn’t just for water damage. We have experienced, IICRC certified teams of experts in all types of damage and disaster restoration, including traumatic events such as unattended or unexpected death, biohazard threats, fungal or bacterial infestation, animal remains from a trapped or wounded critter, sewage and gray water cleanup, and more.

Restoration Logistics isn’t just good at what we do, we’re Colorado’s premier experts in all types of restoration claims and projects. We’re 100% locally owned and based right here in Denver. We’re not a franchise or a big national chain. We’re the best because we’re the best. Plain and simple. So when life throws you a curveball, knock it out of the park by calling Restoration Logistics today.

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