Leak Detection & Water Control Denver CO

Restoration Logistics uses sophisticated techniques to find hidden leaks, drips, condensation traps, and other hard-to-find water problems

Every homeowner’s nightmare is to realize there is an undiscovered water leak somewhere in the house. The incessant drip, drip, drip can be enough to drive even the most hardened homeowner crazy, but even more maddening is the damage that a hidden leak can cause. Visions of squishy floors, massive water stains on the ceiling, or even puddles of water beneath the carpet or floor can cause extreme anxiety, and for good reason. They say “water gets where water goes,” and water from an unchecked, unnoticed leak goes nearly everywhere in a home. From the roof to the basement, and even below the foundation, there is no end to the damage potential in just one tiny pinhole in the wrong pipe fitting. Contact us today!

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Water Leaks Gets Where Water Goes

Devastating leaks happen in the areas of a home that don’t get a lot of traffic. Water problems usually start with a seldom-used bathroom, behind the wall of a guest bedroom, or inside the ceiling of a storage closet or other out-of-the-way place. A poorly soldered fitting, a rusty pipe, a backed up drain, anywhere that water can escape its intended environment. Water leaks down through your walls, or behind them, and seeps into the insulation, subfloor, hardwood, tile, or even concrete and slab. As the water problem worsens, electrical wiring becomes dangerous and unstable, nails and screws in the framing begin to rust and break, wood turns to pulp, grout and adhesive materials lose their strength, drywall crumbles, ceilings become skylights… not to mention the potentially fatal threat of mold and other fungi, viruses, bacteria, and germs that thrive in dark, wet environments. If you think you might have a hidden water problem in your home, there’s no time to wait. Call the professionals at Restoration Logistics immediately. Check out our reviews!

What do you do if you think there’s a leak in your house, but aren’t sure?

Water doesn’t wait, and neither does Restoration Logistics. If you suspect a hidden leak somewhere in your home, don’t gamble with the health and safety of your family, or the value of your home. Restoration Logistics uses sophisticated techniques and technology to find even the deepest hidden leaks, trace them to their source, and put an end to the problem and fix the damage once and for all.

All it takes is one rusty joint or fitting…

It might not seem important, but a $3.99 purchase from Home Depot, if corrupted, can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home. Left unchecked, a tiny pinhole in a poorly soldered weld or a weakened fitting can result in catastrophic flooding if gone unnoticed for even a couple days. If you hear water dripping or see condensation and signs of moisture where there shouldn’t be any, you MIGHT have a water problem. Remove the guesswork and get in the know with leak detection from Restoration Logistics.

Rapid Response Inspections, Estimates, and Damage Control

Restoration Logistics is Denver’s best leak detection and water damage restoration contractor. We offer rapid response inspections, estimates, and damage control services. So if you think you might have a water problem, give us a call. We can help. Our expert Restoration Logistics water control team is ready 24/7+365 to help Denver families recover from the ever-present threat of water damage, and the domino effect that unwanted water can cause in the home or business. When you choose Restoration Logistics to handle your water problem, you’re choosing Denver’s most trusted water damage expert.