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The Mold Remediation Professionals

Expert Mold Damage Repair • Denver CO

If your home or business is facing mold damage, you need to find a professional that can efficiently restore your property as soon as possible. When not handled promptly and correctly, mold damage can become both costly and dangerous. At Restoration Logistics, our mold damage restoration services are comprehensive and thorough. Our technicians will not only get rid of existing mold, but also investigate the source of the problem so it does not come back. With our help, mold can be eliminated quickly and efficiently with little interruption to your daily routine.

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Our Mold Damage Restoration Process

Step 1: Thorough inspection of your property

Our experts use industry-leading tools to detect moisture and hidden mold that may be developing behind walls, ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, and more.

Step 2: Measure Humidity Levels

After a full inspection, our team will measure your property’s humidity levels to make sure they are within normal ranges. If they are too high, this could indicate possible future mold problems if left untreated. Technicians will also take surface samples from various areas in order to pinpoint the exact location(s) of the mold growth so it can be removed safely and completely.

Step 3: Fully eradicate all mold

Finally, we will implement our proven mold remediation process to restore your property and ensure the health and safety of you and your family or employees. By the end of our work, all mold damage will be eliminated and future infestations will be prevented.

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Why Choose Restoration Logistics for Denver Mold Damage Cleanup?

Choosing Restoration Logistics for your mold damage repair needs puts you in good company. When you choose us for your mold remediation, we promise the following: 

  • IICRC and RIA certified professionals
  • Superior customer service throughout the entire restoration process
  • Efficient, safe methods used to completely restore your property
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Don’t Wait – Get Mold Remediation by the Denver Pro’s

Our technicians are highly trained in the latest mold damage restoration techniques, and we can help you get your home or business back to normal quickly. If you’re facing mold damage, don’t risk further health problems by waiting to contact the experts. Contact us today for expert mold damage repair services in Denver that will restore your property fast.

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Helping Colorado recover from property damage since 1986

Restoration Logistics has over 32 years of experience restoring Colorado property damage. We use innovative technology to completely extract even the deepest hidden moisture from your property’s walls, floors, and other surfaces. Then we use safe, effective chemical solutions and fogs to control fungal and bacterial growth, restoring the area to totally safe conditions in just a couple of days. Once the area has been inspected for safety, we bring in restoration and remodeling specialists to rebuild and restore any lasting damage or structural defects. Best of all, we work directly with your insurer to make sure you’re getting the best level of coverage possible.

Honesty, integrity & experience

Restoration services that Denver can depend on

Getting through a devastating event like a flood, fire, unattended death, or other restoration emergency is hard. Luckily, finding an honest, dependable restoration company isn’t.

For over 20 years, Restoration Logistics has been Denver’s go-to restoration company for one simple reason: we’re better than our competition. With faster response times, a better finished product, and superior customer service, find out why Denver property owners and insurance agents choose Restoration Logistics.

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