Sewage Extraction in Denver, CO

Residential & Commercial Sewage Removal Services

Needing sewage extraction in your Denver property calls for a professional staff with years of experience. Luckily for you, our Denver team has several decades of sewage removal experience. With our cutting-edge equipment and top employees, we’re confident we can take on any job, big or small. Here at Restoration Logistics, we handle sewage leaks in both commercial and residential properties with ease. Not to mention we offer our Denver customers emergency sewage extraction 24 hours a day.

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An experienced team of restoration and cleaning professionals

Our process includes extracting the sewage water within your home and thoroughly sanitizing the area to avoid any possible threats or problems lurking within your property, including mold. We decontaminate the site with our strategic and proven practices to ensure a quality service. Our professionals have been serving the Denver community since 1986, and we won’t stop now. Our well equipped staff is thoroughly trained to take on any situation. Your Denver property is one of the most significant assets you’ll possess within your lifetime, and we do our best to protect what matters most to you.

A Denver business designed to help homeowners recover from damage FAST

You’re going to need a company that can complete the job from start to finish. That’s why, at Restoration Logistics, we have the proper technicians in the Denver area to carry out your sewage removal in a safe and timely manner. We know you have a busy schedule, and it’s important to get your business back to the way it was. We work hard to ensure you’re getting quality service that won’t take away from your business financially. As a successful Denver business ourselves, we understand the restrictions and conditions we must be mindful of when carrying out our services. We work around your schedule and are more than accommodating to your specific needs.

Same-day response in Denver and the surrounding areas

Sewage water, also known as black water, is one of the most dangerous substances you can deal with. Due to the harmful pathogens within black water, it can be a challenging task to extract the sewage in your Denver property. If you decide to wait, you can be facing possible damage to your flooring, walls, and valuable assets, causing more issues in the long run. The longer you postpone our much needed services, the bigger the financial burden will become. Trust our Denver specialists to take care of your property during this crucial time with our emergency sewage removal services.