DRI’s Emergency Response Units provide the critical first strike that minimizes loss resulting from catastrophe. This creates opportunities for quicker relief, reduction of business loss and stress relief. By using global wrap, inject-a-dry, ultra-sonic cleaning, smoke odor removal, air scrubbers, desiccant dehumidification, and other technology and techniques, DRI has become the Rocky Mountain’s superior disaster restoration provider.
Equipped with the latest communications technology, truck mounted response equipment, and certified restorers on staff DRI’s Emergency Response Units have minimized business disruption, family inconvenience, and commercial loss. Highly reliable techniques and technology truley enhance the restoration process. Careful cleaning, training of personnel in recovery procedures and equipment care work to meet the specific needs of each customer. The ease and reduced cost of upgrading equipment has made DRI’s services attractive to risk and property managers and insurance companies throughout the Rocky Mountain area.
Call 1-800-475-FIRE now to have our Emergency Response Unit deployed to your disaster site. They will respond and be at your home or business within the hour.