After arriving on the scene of a water loss, a DRI project manager will make an assessment and begin moving equipment to the site the same day. We usually use our largest dehumidifiers set up with air movers in a unique configuration engineered to get dry air to most wet areas simultaneously. DRI will locate the drying equipment outside the building and then build a net work of flexible ducts that bring the dehumidified air up throughout the property. This system will fill the building with air that has a relative humidity of 10%. This creates desert-like conditions inside, regardless of outside temperature or conditions. As a result, the moisture on the surface of your carpet will be absorbed by the air, which is then expelled.
What our clients have said:
“DRI knew exactly what to do. As soon as they arrived, they made recommendations about how to approach our flooded floors. Without DRI’s fast work, we would have lost both the floors and the use of our fitness areas for an extended period. I’m sure that DRI saved our hotel far in excess of $100,000 and precluded many long and short term problems. We’re in a service business, so we under stand and appreciate good service. We got it, beyond a doubt, from Disaster Restoration, Inc.”
– Jim Holmes, Chief Engineer Denver Radisson Hotels