Family Surveying House FireDisaster Restoration Inc.’s range of restoration services simplify planning, execution and restoration of property to the original condition. Project managers are trained to work with people distressed by the effects of the disaster on their business, home and family, and work to reduce stress, facilitate restoration and offer suggestions on how to minimize loss and down-time.
Our trained technicians establish a true inventory of damaged possessions, including parts of the property or building, such as doors, blinds, carpet. These items are then transported to our local repair center where they are cleaned, revitalized and restored to their original condition whenever possible.
Detailed restoration allows clients to recover cherished mementos, expensive equipment and minimize loss. Additionally, insurers and property managers find policyholders and leaseholders relieved when facing personal loss of valued property. The DRI restoration process can reduce the stress to the bottom line in terms of cost, time and productivity.
Call DRI today at 1-800-475-FIRE to begin the restoration process. Let our professional staff put you back in business or back in your home as quickly and smoothly as possible.